Effectus: A Learner-First Learning Management System

An incredibly simple and economical way to host, manage, and deliver ALL your training programs!

Effectus is a product of CommLab India. CommLab India is a LLP co-founded by RK Prasad and Dr. Ayesha Habeeb Omer, in 2000.
With 18 years of experience in technology-enabled learning and working with more than 200 global customers, CommLab has launched the new age, learner-first Effectus LMS.
Effectus LMS is focused on learning rather than technology. It is built on our experience in understanding customer challenges of working with technology platforms that are not user-friendly to both learners and administrators.

Our Story

Ayesha and RK started CommLab India in 2000, to give people a chance to grow and reach their full potential through training interventions. E-learning was yet to make a mark on corporate training then.

Starting with the development of Flash-based courses, we moved to customized end-to-end e-learning. Since then, we’ve come a long way and champion the use of technology-enabled learning to accelerate employee productivity. Our interactive online courses employ the best training strategies such as microlearning, game-based learning, and videos, and are developed using the latest authoring tools.

Our Story
Our People

Our People

Our employees are happy, and therefore more loyal and innovative. They are our most valuable assets and we ensure we take care of them. Despite being a fast-growing company, we enjoy a very low attrition rate of 17%.

Our Customers

We share strong personal relationships with our customers and focus on delighting them. We take care of them and make their jobs easy. From designing learner-centric courses to offering translation and hosting services, we offer a comprehensive package. It’s no surprise that 70%-80% of our growth comes from our existing customers.

Our Culture & Values

Our Culture and Values

We live and act by our values – our guiding lights:

  • Delighted and Loyal Customers
  • Enriched Owners, Employees and Suppliers
  • Meticulous Planning and Impeccable Execution
  • Endless Growth through Continual Learning
  • No Passengers, Only Pilots
  • Serving the Needy
  • One Team, One Happy Family